Segment : Ethical Hacking Certification

You know the concept of hacking? | Ethical Hacking Certification

What is hacking in real?

Ethical Hacking Certification: If you are beginner or new in the field of hacking and if you are reading this segment then you are at right place of your exploration.

Here you will learn from beginner to advanced level of hacking so let’s start without wasting time…

Hacking is the art of finding and exploiting security flaws in a computer device or network in order to obtain access to personal or business records.

You can also say, hacking is bypassing the system rules to get access into the system from backdoor.

Example : Someone Using a password cracking algorithm to obtain access to a system.

Today the computers have become necessary for Everyone as well as for running a successful company.

For running organization or compony they must connected to other computers of outer world in order to communicate with each other.


But once they connects to outside world increases the chances of hacking.

In system hacking hackers perform malicious activities such as theft, violation of privacy, stealing corporate/personal information, and so on.

There is Per year, cybercrime costs multiple companies millions of dollars. All Businesses must be protected  from such activities.

In this Segment, you will learn:

  1. Terminologies Used in Hacking
  2. What is the concept of cybercrime?
  3. Different types of cybercrime
  4. What is Ethical Hacking?
  5. What Is the Purpose of Ethical Hacking?
  6. Type of Ethical Hacking Certification
  7. How to get Ethical Hacking Certification?
  8. Ethical Hacking’s Legality
  9. Conclusion

Let’s take a look at the basics of hacking and some of the more widely used hacking terminologies before we get started.

Who is a Hacker?

The person who has ability to discovers and exploits flaws in computer systems or networks in order to obtain entry for accessing data and information’s of that system they called hacker.

Hackers are usually experienced computer programmers with a working understanding of computer security.

Types of Hackers

The hackers are categorized by their purpose of hacking. Here is the  list categorizes hackers based on their intent:

1.Ethical Hacker (White hat):

Ethical Hacker (White Hat): They are  security professionals who achieves access to programmes in order to repair flaws that have been discovered.

They might also be able to penetrate the systems. Vulnerability evaluations and testing.

They work everything for legal purpose they take permission from user or owner to perform any task on their systems.


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